If you have healthy teeth and gums, then you will definitely have a great smile  If your teeth are in their proper positions, then it will help you to easily take care of it, and clean your teeth and gums so that you will have great oral health.  If your teeth are not straight and would want it to be straightened, then you have many options to choose from.  It will be very convenient for you if you choose invisalign for teeth straightening.  The treatment experience will be comfortable and it will result in a great smile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dentist 

Invisalign is one method of teeth straightening.  If you are undergoing treatment with invisalign, then this makes use of clear, smooth, plastic aligners.  Orthodontists make special aligners that will fit only your teeth.  These aligners need to be worn over your teeth but you can simply remove them if you need to eat or brush your teeth.  Because of their clear or transparent color, no one will ever notice that you are wearing invisalign.  The treatment is a comfortable one to go through.  The aligners will not be noticed once they are placed on your teeth. Read on Dentist in Weybridge

A qualified and experienced orthodontist should be chosen to help you with invisalign treatment.  This service is not provided by every dentist.  There are many orthodontists who can offer you this quality treatment.  Invisalign treatment will not really interrupt your life.  Book an appointment with the orthodontist whom you have chosen for your treatment.

The orthodontist will first determine whether the treatment is right for you and he does this by examining your teeth.  X-rays, impressions, and pictures of your teeth will be taken by the orthodontist if the treatment is suitable for you.  This will then create a 3D image of your teeth which your orthodontist will use to create a treatment plan based on the images.  You will also know how your treatment program will progress from start to finish by simply looking at the 3D images.

Once the dentist is able to make the aligners, then you will be asked to return to fit your aligners.  You have two weeks to wear your first set of aligners.  You should wear your aligners all the time except when brushing and eating. read on Dental implants weybridge

Another set of aligners will then replace the first set.  You need to wear this second set of aligners for six weeks.  After this another set of aligners will be given to your and the orthodontist will check the progress of your treatment.

You should also clean your aligners when you are brushing your teeth, and like your teeth, they need to be brushed gently and rinsed off in water.  There are cleaning kits made especially for invisalign that you can purchase.  You can actually eat anything you want since your invisalign are removed while eating.  Brushing your teeth and flossing daily will ensure that your teeth are well maintained while your teeth is undergoing treatment.
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